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jurassic park from the raptors’ perspective 






Is it possible to be a fan of a fandom?

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I made a tumblr to reblog this gif.  Life complete.


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you know how sometimes you’re kind of ehhh about a character when you first see the movie or show, but then everyone else in the fandom loves them? and the more you see art/fic/meta about them, the more you start to despise them? so it’s just this inversely proportionate hate spiral of rage and contempt?



The 13 Most Common Errors on a Novel’s First Page


  • Over-explanation. This includes prologues. “Prologues are never needed. You can usually throw them in the garbage. They’re usually put on as a patch.”
  • Too much data. “You’re trying to seduce your reader, not burden them,” Friedman said.
  • Over-writing, or “trying too hard.” “We think the more description we add, the more vivid it will be; but we don’t want to be distracted from the story” we open the book for.
  • Beginning the novel with an interior monologue or reflection. Usually this is written as the thoughts of a character who is sitting alone, musing and thinking back on a story. Just start with the story.
  • Beginning the novel with a flashback. Friedman isn’t entirely anti-flashback, but the novel’s opening page is the wrong place for one.
  • Beginning a novel with the “waking up sequence” of a character waking, getting out of bed, putting on slippers, heading for the kitchen and coffee…a cliche
  • Related cliche: beginning the novel with an alarm clock or a ringing phone
  • Starting out with an “ordinary day’s routine” for the main character
  • Beginning with “crisis moments” that aren’t unique: “When the doctor said ‘malignant,’ my life changed forever…” or “The day my father left us I was seven years old…”
  • Don’t start with a dialogue that doesn’t have any context. Building characterization through dialogue is okay anywhere else but there.
  • Starting with backstory, or “going back, then going forward.”
  • Info dump. More formally called “exposition.”
  • Character dump, which is four or more characters on the first page.


So I finally stumbled across this twitter account. 


"A better person?"

i never realized how odd looking i find chuck’s sideburns until this gif set.

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If you’re a feminist and you’re against fat acceptance or participate in body shaming, you’re one weak as fuck feminist. Support for your sisters should not have a weight limit or shape requirement.

I refuse to be a feminist who supports fat acceptance. I believe that men and women should be equal. It should not make me weak to not support something I think is harmful and anti-productive. If I was weak I would bow to pressure to accept these ideas just to be seen as an acceptable feminist. 

So you refuse to support fat women, making you one hell of a shitty feminist, especially when the evidence is all against fat shaming and the outdated notion that fat is unhealthy. Do some reading.